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Family Links LLC offers two types of Personal Emergency Response Systems. ( PERS )


Our land line unit called the MXD works off most land line home telephone service. It will work with VOIP Systems such as Verizon, Century Link and Vonage. Please note this system will not work with Straight Talk or Magic Jack. The MXD unit offers either a watch or pendant for your loved one to wear. In addition, the the wearable item is waterproof. Your loved one will be able to wear this device while showering and sleeping. The unit has a back up battery.


The Belle is a wireless unit and is worn around the neck. ( Requires NO land line home phone. You do not need any phone service at all to have this unit ). It can go with your loved one anywhere there is cell tower service. This unit charges on a cradle charging unit that will hold a charge for up to 25 days before needing recharging. This unit it NOT waterproof. This unit is perfect for individuals on the go or whom might not have a land line home phone service. We offer Belle on Verizon and AT&T networks.


There is never a charge for our Personal Emergency Response Systems when a client receives services through any Long Term Care Provider under Va Medicaid Waivers. Family Links LLC is contracted through Va Medicaid as well as all Commonwealth Coordinator Care Plus Insurance Companies. You will never be asked to pay any fees if the combination of Medicaid and Waiver Services exist. If for some reason your loved one becomes ineligible for Virginia Medicaid the units are PROPERTY of FAMILY LINKS and must be returned unless the client wishes to contract for private subscription services.

Anyone not approved through Va Medicaid can purchase our units privately or elect to a subscription service rental agreement. Our Monthly fees with a subscription service is available at a low cost. If you are interested in this private service please reach out directly by filling out our contact us form located here.

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